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About The Author

Ebony Smith is a passionate storyteller who strives to create toe- curling urban fiction, powerful love stories, and exciting romance books for her readers. She brings her characters to life, with her novels chocked full of love, sex, crime, and fast-paced action. All novels will be forthcoming from her new publishing imprint, Ebony S.

In addition to writing and publishing her chilling stories, Ebony also enjoys working out, traveling, enjoying great food, and spending time with family and friends.

Ebony was born and raised in South Florida, where she currently resides with her husband and daughter. She is pursuing a degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Book Catalog

The Fire That Burns

Dion Bennet is determined to get herself out of the ghetto. Going to school by day and working by night, she has no room for relationships. With everything she has seen growing up, she has no desire to be in a relationship. She is just fine with her not so serious, on again-off again boyfriend, who she suspects is involved in something shady. She is thrown off kilter when she meets a handsome detective who pursues her to no end. She finds herself slowly giving into his charms. But, she knows things between them will never work – they are from different worlds.

Pleasure and Pain

She wants to be rich and to become her man's Queen but everything comes at price. Find out the price she had to pay for "Passion"


Devon Johnson is on top of his game. As vice-president for a lucrative investment banking corporation, there’s nowhere to go but up. He just has one little problem. And her name is Jada Thomas. As Devon falls head over heels for Jada, he finds himself going nowhere fast. Jada seems immune to his good looks and smooth attitude. Can he win her over and prove to her that he is the man of her dreams? And will Jada be able to let go of her past and risk her heart one more time for a chance at true love?

Capone & Champagne

Champagne is the perfect wifey and will ride or die for her man. She's very trusting and has no need to suspect any infidelity. After being totally committed to Capone for many years, she's suddenly surprised by a few secrets that have come to the light. Despite learning of his past mistakes, she decides to work things out. After many attempts to reconcile, she knows that he will never change. Now she has to make the big decision on whether she should leave or stay.


After an earth-shaking one-night stand, rising singing starlet, Barbara Harrison, discovers that she’s pregnant. About the same time, she is signed to a breakthrough contract and moves to Los Angeles. Rather than track down the father of her baby out of fear that he may take the child from her, Barbara keeps her son’s father’s identity a closely-guarded secret. A powerful football player, Justin Bowman has no idea that he has a son somewhere in Los Angeles until a chance meeting in the same little dive where they first met five years prior brings him and Barbara back together again. This time, however, another one-night stand develops into a romance that neither one of them can deny. Still, Barbara is afraid to reveal to Justin that her son is his until a trip to the emergency room confirms what Justin had been suspecting all along.

The Last Dance

Anaya is just like any other chick in the hood: she is making it on her own...and doing it the best way she knows how. Known for her pretty face, and a body that turns the heads of chicks’ boyfriends. Stripping at the Crown opens doors up for her not only in the club itself, but also outside of it. However, things will change in ways she never imagined… Anaya starts to realize some things about her situation that will make her question what kind of woman she is. Is the money really worth it? Is her relationship with the owner, Sean, really what is appears to be? How long is she willing to deal with haters and jealous women who will never let her have peace of mind because they can’t shine the way she does?